Jackson Hildebrand CFO, Joins MB2 Dental

CEO, Of MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris Villanueva welcomes Jackson Hildebrand. Jackson will be overseeing the financial aspect of all 91 practices and based out of Dallas/Fort Worth areas. Jackson Hildebrand comes well qualified and ready to tackle any financial management issues brought to his attention or that he becomes aware of. His background of education and experience is going to be a great asset to MB2 Dental. An MS degree from Texas A&M in Accounting and his experience working for several companies is what first brought Jackson to our attention. He began a career in government audit programs at KPMG. He then worked for TPG Capital as Financial Director and learned amazing things and gained massive experience pertaining to accounting. Then on to other companies where he applied those skills and learned even more. His leadership skills and guidance are what will keep him at MB2 Dental.

With over 200 dentists and 37 doctor owners, MB2 Dental needs someone with intelligence and a high skill level to oversee all the financial operations. The principle that doctors work together to accomplish more than could be accomplished by themselves so they are work together and invest in each other. Some own the practice and some work under the collaboration of the MB2 Dental philosophy of just working as a team. The goal is to provide a progressive dental management program and practice development that changes the normal dental patient experience and enhances the doctors and staff. Providing a unique dental experience in all facets of dentistry.

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How Every Beyonce Story Becomes a Trending Topic

Beyonce is someone that the world seems to be obsessed with right now. There is a growing story that appears to be such a big deal because it involved the hilarious Tiffany Haddish and Beyonce. There was a Tiffany Haddish story that surfaced about a woman biting Beyonce on the face at a party. This has spread like wild fire.

These are the type of stories that tend to go viral online. It is this type of curiosity that people are intrigued by when it comes to Beyonce. A large part of this becomes intriguing because Beyonce is so private. She is the only person that can have an entire album that focuses on the affair that her husband had, but no one is aware of who the woman is that he cheated with.

She can have leaked footage of an elevator fiasco where her sister beats up on her husband, and there are no reasons presented as to why this happened. These are the types of strange reoccurings that tend to happen over and over for someone like Beyonce.

She puts people in a place where they become curious about what is happening in her life. She is so private that she does not divulge any details, and that this only makes the legend grow even more.

With the story about Beyonce getting bitten there has been a list of people that have been compiled. This is a list of potential people that were at the party that would not have done it. This has fascination all may be the result of the person that originally divulge this story. When it was stated that Beyonce was bitten it was told by Tiffany Haddish. She has been known to share a lot of interesting stories from her own life that tend to draw interest, and now she has a Beyonce story to add to the mix.

This just goes to show that everything that everything involving Beyonce becomes a trending topic.

Melissa Butler Conquers Fear of Starting Business After Initial Televised Rejection

If there’s one thing that Melissa Butler knows well, it is how to survive even when everyone says that you will not be able to do it. It could be her initial rejection from Shark Tank investors that inspired Melissa Butler to keep going with her dream.

This is a labor of love where everything all started in her kitchen. Melissa said that she was making lipstick in her kitchen for her own personal use. She started with experimenting with different ingredients, and she would initially create a brand that was cruelty free. There would be no animal testing done with the vegan cosmetics that were sold by The Lip Bar. This would give Melissa Butler an edge on the competition. She wanted to go outside of the spectrum of what was considered the norm when it came to colors.

The ability to think outside the box allowed her to build an audience that would be interested in something that was not Covergirl or Revlon. These are major companies, but there is a limited amount of color options available for women of color when it came to lipstick.

Butler, a Detroit native, could see that she was going to be able to fill a void. She could make money on Wall Street, but this was not what she was passionate about. This is why she decided to leave. The thing that people will learn about Melissa Butler is that you can still achieve your dreams even if you do not have people backing you. She has stated in Forbes magazine that it is difficult to grow a business, but she has been adamant about changing the cosmetic industry. She knew that someone had to take the plunge and branch out as one of the first black women to own a cosmetics company. She does not have investors and she has stated that raising capital is very hard, but she did not let this stop her.

Melissa Butler Puts a New Spin On Cosmetics

Melissa Butler has become a big time cosmetics leader that is really giving women of color a leg as an African American cosmetics industry leader. She is the founder of a company called The Lip Bar. This is a very colorful brand of vegan products that have allowed her to build an audience of women that want colorful products that are outside the norm in cosmetics.

It was initially a hard road for Melissa Butler to get her company going because she was someone that appeared on the Shark Tank and got rejected. She continued to go on and put interest in her cosmetics and she has become someone that has a company that is now worth half million dollars.

What Melissa Butler ultimately represents is a high level of inspiration for all of those that may think that they will not be able to do what she has done. She has been able to move far beyond the obstacles that have been placed in her path and succeed in the beauty industry.

This success is a long way from where she initially came from. She has not always had a background in cosmetics. Melissa Butler was working on Wall Street as an analyst prior to this. She was dissatisfied with this job and she wanted to find something else that would be more in line with what she was passionate about. This is how The Lip Bar came into existence. It is a company that is still in the early starter stages, but it is bound to grow because she has a voice.

Melissa Butler has been featured in magazines like Ebony and she has also been able to create a partnership with Forever 21 and Target. Both of these partnerships shows that there is room for an African American CEO of a Cosmetics company. Many women of color may not have guessed that this would be a possibility, but her creative spirit has given her a growing audience.

Issa Rae Refuses to Get Placed in a Box

Issa Rae is hard at work on a new show, and some people may not quite be ready for it. This is a show about the intimate times of a bisexual black man. This is a topic that has never been explored in great detail on television, and that is what makes it such a bold move.

Most Issa Rae fans are just trying to adjust from her transition from the Internet to the world of HBO with “Insecure.” This is comparable to the “Dear White People” show that has surfaced on Netflix. It has gone from the Internet skits to a full blown show, but there is a difference that makes the Issa Rae concept of producing much more involved. One thing that people will notice is that Issa Rae is staring in her own show. She did not hire a cast because she was so passionate about the project that she was doing. What Issa Rae wanted to do was bring like to this “Awkward Black Girl” character that she managed to created on the Internet.

Issa Rae is someone that seems to have so much creativity inside of her that she has become a workaholic. Some people may compare her to Tyler Perry who managed to do movies and a ton of shows that popped up on TBS. Perry would then put his time into working on shows for the OWN network that Oprah Winfrey started.

Issa Rae has created a lot of free web content before and after her hit “Insecure” series. It was a very interesting move for her to produce free content ever after she was working on Insecure. This would be the thing that would keep her audience looking for a new project. She has show that she has the ability to make some very interesting shows, and this is what has allowed her to get the green light, but she still believes in building an online audience first.

Tara Reed Shows People How to Build Apps Without Code

A growing number of entrepreneurs are setting out to change the way that people think about certain Concepts. Tara Reed is one of these people. She has found a way to engage a lot of people with a concept that most people would not have known existed. She calls her company Apps Without Code and that is exactly what she is about. Reed has a technology background and mindset, but she knows that the average person that has an ideal is not going to have the capacity to create an app that is going to have the code that is needed for it to work properly.

There are a ton of people to have a great ideas that get discouraged easily because they have created a ton of excuses in their heads based on their inability to cope with the apps that they would like to see. Tara Reid is someone that wants to help those people that may have been contemplating getting an app in place.

She is a black woman that has a company and a blog where she gives people some of the tools that they really need to get started. She is a woman that has made an impact in the business world, and she also appears to be making a great impact with the black community as well because she previously worked for Microsoft.

There is a lack of black female talent in the technology spectrum, and this is another thing that Tara wants to change. She wants young black girls to have the freedom to evolve and create apps if this is what they would like to do. She does not want them to be discouraged because there are no other women in the app development industry that look like them.

Entrepreneur Tara Reed wants all young women to have the capacity to see beyond the young white male standard that appears to be the norm in app development.

Social Media Is Not The Place To Write Every Thought

Sometimes, what a person thinks is better off unsaid, and definitely unwritten. Social media has provided a way for people to vent, rant and rave. But what is written on social media can not be taken back. Apologies can be made, but often times, the damage has already been done. It seems as though celebrities would have better things to do than spend hours upon end on social media. They have their fan base, and that should be sufficient. But no, they have to take certain things too far. This is what happened in the case of Roseanne Barr who made a racist remark in writing, on twitter.

After tweeting the racist remark, Roseanne tried to blame it on the fact that she was taking Ambien, a medication to help you sleep. It was hilarious when the spokesperson for the manufacturing company that makes the rug responded by saying that racism was not a side effect of the drug. Your text to link… There are many ways for a celebrity to get attention, but writing something that will surely cause problems is not one of them. At least it will not get the kind of attention that they want. It is sad to think that racism is still a part of the life of someone who has been well respected, and accepted as a star in the eyes of those who are victims of the racist remarks.

It is a good thing that people are not sweeping this type of behavior under the rug. Those who harness racist thoughts, and deeds, should be made to live with the consequences of their actions. Roseanne Barr had just aired the sequel to the 80’s hit show, and it was a number one viewer choice. She was at the top again, only to blow everything for her and the co-stars of the show. There is no sympathy for her, as she did this fiasco all on her own.

Serena Williams Makes a Triuphant Return

Serena Williams made a triumphant return to the French Open. She triumphed over Kristyna Pliscova to secure her win. Serena wore a bodysuit that she said was inspired by a Marvel Movie, but it took more than a great outfit to help her win. It took determination and a lot of heart.


Serena has a lot to live up to, after all, she’s had her own HBO special, titled ‘Being Serena’. She became a mom not too long ago, and along with the joy, there are also many changes. Some wondered if she would still have what it took to win, she has shown that she does indeed have what it takes.


Serena also made headlines for her entertaining press conference, where she spilled details on the royal wedding and coming back to tennis after the birth of her child. In fact, on one of her social media posts, she included a photo of her in her bodysuit, along with a message to all of the moms out there who had to struggle to help their body recover after childbirth. The message offered encouragement.


The bodysuit wasn’t just a fun outfit for the day, Serena has stated that she’s had problems with blood clots, the tight fitting outfit also helped keep the blood flowing. It was fashionable and functional. Fans may have noticed that Serena is wearing tight fitting pants often, while playing, to help with this very serious health issue.


Serena is showing everyone that you can be a great wife, a great mother, and still pursue your dreams and be successful. She’s working hard to have it all, and showing fans that it may not always be easy, but it’s worth it and attainable.












PSI-Pay Bring the Best Solutions to Digital Wallets

There have been a lot of issues that have not yet been understood by people about the role of digital wallets. These wallets act as the traditional leather billfolds where the accounts create space for cash, debit, credit and also loyalty cards. There is a lot of security that comes with using digital wallets while they get the chance to have one portable device that replaces all the cards and papers that the users have to carry. Most of the people from Europe use the digital wallets which have cash balances. The wallets can hold different currencies including the pounds and the Euros that the user uses to pay for products and services. There are various methods that the people use to put money in the digital wallets like transferring cash out of their traditional checking accounts.


The European styled wallet is slowly replacing the conventional bank accounts even when they don’t have the similar benefits. It is for this reason why small companies and consumers are closing down their checking accounts as they rely on the digital wallets. The platform is most beneficial to areas where retailers and other service providers allow this form of mobile payment. Users especially those that carry large amounts of balances are advised to be more cautious as the electronic money is not well protected.


The entry of PSI-Pay in the market has however changed the issue for the benefit of the users. PSI-Pay is one of the Fintech companies that have been regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of UK. The coming of the firm in the financial market has brought calmness and restored confidence as customers are no longer worried about shifting to digital banking. In 2015, the firm reported an increase in the business volume of about 30% which was contributed by it service provision to the local and also the international market. PSI-Pay has continued to grow over the years as the consumer base increase.


Recently, PSI-Pay announced its partnership with KERV which will enable them to release the first contactless payment ring in the world. The partnership allows the use of PSI-Pay’s MasterCard license to be used in over thirty-eight million places around the globe using Kerv contactless payment ring. The Kerv users will fund their accounts via bank transfer, credit card or debit cards manually or through automatic top-up services. The move in it will be a game changer in the financial market.

Returning To Power, Serena Williams’ Postpartum Win In The 2018 French Open

Having a baby generally wreaks havoc on a woman’s body. Some celebrities boast of the fact it only took an incredibly short amount of time to return back to the bikini body they had before their pregnancy. We also see famous names that refuse to have any photos taken or make any appearances during their pregnancy. Anyone can see this is dangerous behavior for real-life postpartum women to emulate. Not to mention the workout time and dieting it takes to accomplish this feat. This takes up precious time that’s needed for the baby.

There is one fresh-faced famous beauty that took a different approach. That woman’s name is Serina Williams. Even the Queen of Tennis had postpartum issues just like the rest of us. Serina took 9 months to recover from her pregnancy. That number really needs to be stressed. Nine months, not 1 month, not six weeks, and not even three months. It took nine months to get that way and it should take at least 9 months to get back to our bodies.

Serena Williams returned to tennis with a vengeance in a black cat-like jumpsuit as healthy looking and as beautiful as ever. Her suit made just as much news as her recent victory over Czechoslovakian tennis pro, Kristyna Pliskova. “For all the moms out there who had a tough recovery from pregnancy – here you go. If I can do it, so can you. Love you all.” Went the sentiment from Serina during the 2018 French Open.

Women went wild for the black Nike suit. The catsuit was not only a fashion statement. It’s made with a lycra-like compression material that’s assisting Serina in controlling her blood-clotting issues. Serena said, “I feel like a superhero when I wear it.” We all know she’s a real superhero to women and young ladies alike the world over.