Arthur Becker’s Investment Work at Madison Partners Does Wonders

There are many reasons that you might be aware of Arthur Becker. Becker is a noted entrepreneur with work excelling in several different industries. Becker got his start as a stockbroker before he made his first fortune. From there it was a short trip before he hit on a number of other effective investments. Becker is now dominating New York City as the Managing Member at Madison Partners, LLC. Madison Partners is seeking to become a one stop investment firm for bio technology and real estate ventures. Let’s take a look at what makes Arthur Becker tick with his work at Madison Partners.

According to Curbed, in order to see Becker’s inspiration for Madison Partners we’d have to jump back to the early ’00s. Becker was working with a pair of companies that he was the CEO of: NaviSite and ZINIO. Becker worked through these companies for years, eventually getting out by selling them to Time Warner in 2011. It was around this time that Becker begins to sneak out some tendrils of interest toward real estate development. Becker bought properties in New York City and Miami, FL before going on to make New York his home base of operations. It wasn’t too long after that Becker went ahead and established Madison Partners. More details can be found on Inspirery.

Arthur Becker has worked as a silent backer for a number of big projects throughout New York, ostensibly in order to get his feet wet while developing connections. Now Becker is putting his best foot forward in order to make some noted progress with Madison Partners. Becker is investing in a luxury condo development in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan as well as a trio of townhouses down on Sullivan Street in Soho. Becker’s work in the real estate field seems to be working wonders, but it is bio tech that has him ticking.

Arthur Becker jumped headfirst into the bio tech industry because he was fascinated by the constant evolution of technology. Becker knows that he doesn’t have a medicinal background, but he plans on focusing toward investments in companies pushing to cure cancer and make a huge difference around the world.

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