Carla McCall – Making Dollars and Sense

Since 1995, Carla McCall has been the co-managing partner of top ranking CPA firm AAFCPAs, providing business consulting and tax services to privately-held and nonprofit organizations. Winner of the 2014 ATHENA Leadership award and named one of the “40 under 40 Best and Brightest Business Leaders” for 2015, McCall serves as a board member for several Massachusetts nonprofit organizations. Laura Emily Dunn, contributor to the Huffington Post met with McCall to discuss her career and her life (


McCall states that her mother has been one of biggest supporters and a great influence on her life and her career decisions. Her mother encouraged her to ignore gender role boundaries and pursue her interests. McCall states that her mother was always confident when expressing her opinions and encouraged her daughter to do the same.

McCall attributes self-awareness to her personal and career success. She feels that professional women. Especially, need to be self-aware when pursuing leadership roles.


McCall adds that she stresses that ideology to her employees at AAFCPAs. When she was a teenager, McCall was a pharmacy tech. She states that she learned compassionate customer service during that position and formed many close relationships with her co-workers and customers. McCall states that she learned about patience, courage, and active listening, and those she still utilizes those skills in her current career.

McCall says that of her many career achievements, she is proud of the investments that her company makes in people. Along with her team, McCall created a two-year professional development program for aspiring CPAs. McCall adds that she and her team have instituted a mentoring program for young people that prepares them to handle the challenges and diversity they will encounter in the CPA field.


McCall maintains that her most important lesson in her career is to never be afraid to ask for what you want. She adds that confidently asking for what you want will help you meet your personal and professional goals.