Category: Prison Communication

Solving Crime With Securus Technologies

Solving crimes can be easily done thanks to Securus Technologies working hard to help with inmate communications since 2016. Located in Dallas, Texas where they have worked hard on many technologies to help solve the crime before it happens, Securus Technologies has offered an inmate communicator that allows people that work in inmate facilities to […]

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Customers Of Leading Inmate Network Providers Catch Irregularities

Are you tired of disgruntled customer service representatives when you’re asking questions about your inmate account? Securus Technologies first acted as an inmate regulations provider that was responsible for surveillance and monitoring of other inmate providers. For example, their technology caught a few errors in the Global Tel-Link that were quickly corrected without further need […]

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Securus Technologies’ New Wireless Containment Solution is Amazing!

Securus Technologies is one of the leading criminal and civil justice solutions that is based in Dallas. It aims at enhancing the safety of the public by modernizing the security experience. There are many law enforcements, public safety, and correctional agencies that hugely rely on Securus’ for powerful, simple, and secure technology solutions. The technology […]

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