David Osio and Davos Real Estate

In June 2016, Davos Real Estate group announced its new mobile app. Known as “Davos CAP Calculator,” this app allows clients to estimate the returns on their real estate investments.


The CAP Calculator comes with a number of valuable features. Clients are able to estimate the rent of properties, and therefore control the level of investment income they receive. Putting control in the hands of the client in this way is a very innovative step.


On the Davos side, Executive Director Gerard Gonzalez spearheaded this initiative. By harnessing the power of mobile tech, Davos REG is opening exciting new doors for its clientele.


Other members of the executive team, including founder and CEO David Osio, were also present in Miami for the unveiling. The occasion was the culmination of six months’ worth of work by the firm. Under Osio’s leadership, Davos REG is well-known as a proponent of strategies that serve the client.


As far as Davos Financial Group is concerned, good information and a clear financial vision is always important. The CAP Calculator fits seamlessly with this philosophy. This development in the Real Estate Group is just one example of that philosophy.


Davos Real Estate is a part of the Davos Financial Group. Founded in 1993, this company has expanded globally in a short period of time. Davos has a presence in cities including Geneva, New York, Panama City, and Miami. It is especially well-known in Latin America.


Founder and CEO David Osio has been a big part of the firms’ success. He went independent while still young, believing that there was a better way to run a financial advisory group. His success demonstrates that he was right. Osio holds a law degree from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela. He also studied at the New York Institute of Finance.


With great leadership skills David Osio was able to develop remarkable growth and expansion. Osio maintains a hands-on style to this day.




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