Doe Deere Has Her Morning Routine Down to an Art

Not unlike many very successful people all over the world, Doe Deere has her own morning routine that she likes to stick to.


She starts every day at 8:30 a.m., and thanks to her internal body clock, she doesn’t need an alarm clock either. She tries to get none hours f sleep every night and believes it is the very reason her skin is so clear. She enjoys breakfast in her kitchen an contemplates the day as she looks out the window. She enjoys a big glass of water to stay hydrated in the dry Los Angeles air and likes to stretch. Her favorite stretch is the cat/camel because it does wonders for her back. Her breakfast consists of her favorite, grits, yogurt, fresh fruit, and freshly squeezed orange juice. She gets her oranges right off of her very own orange tree.


She review the days events from her calendar on her phone and keeps in touch with her team at the office so she knows what to expect when she pops in the office around noon. She always has Instagram open on her phone and she checks her emails throughout the day. She tries to keep her mornings free form technology as much as she can so she can keep her mind open to creativity.


Then she begins her beauty routine of applying her makeup. She always listens to her favorite tunes and she is currently listening to The Beatles which she listened to a lot of when she was growing up.


She always starts with Glossier face wash and she loves it because it is mild and smalls like roses. She then applies moisturizer before applying her foundation. She is working her own foundation to add to her Lime Crime makeup line. She sets her makeup with powder and then fills in her brows before moving onto her lips and cheeks. She likes to use pink or red-colored blush and bold reds and pinks for her lips. She loves “Rustic,” “Red Velvet,” and “Pink Velvet” from her Lime Crime “Matte Velvetine” line. She always likes to shower in the evening to give her hair plenty of time to dry by morning. That way she can get right to styling her signature purple waves. Doing her hair and makeup is her favorite part of her morning routine because it’s freeing and gives her some time to herself. It’s also great to free her mind for creative thoughts.


Before she heads out the door to the office, Deere always makes sure that she doesn’t forget to spend some time with her Persians, Puffy Fluffles, and Chester von Battingham. They are simply adorable and irresistible. When she arrives at the office, usually around noon, she has lunch and socializes with her team. Then they have meetings for a good part of the day. Deere tries to wrap it all up by around 6 p.m. but sometimes she stays until midnight in order to get all of her work done.

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