Fashion Designer Stella McCartney Introduces an Exciting New Leather Substitute

A New Fabric That Looks Like Leather


British fashion designer Stella McCartney has been offering imitation leather and suede creations for a while, but she recently came out with a stunning new fabric that really looks like leather. Lots of connoisseurs say that the new fabric looks as good as the real thing, and it might even look better. McCartney is calling the new creation a “skin-free skin” fabric.


McCartney’s latest 2017 design collection seeks to assert the role of leather in high-end fashion. All of her outfits feature various styles of leather-inspired formal dress, and McCartney believes that this is a great fashion milestone. She believes that synthetic leather products are finally good enough to compete in the marketplace with products obtained from animals.



Nearly Unanimous Approval of Her New Skin-Free Leather Line


There doesn’t seem to be any reason to doubt in the fine nature of McCartney’s new fabric. Everyone seems to love it, but McCartney is keeping the construction methods a secret. McCartney includes the basic ingredients of the imitation leather on her site, but she does not reveal the methods being used to manufacture it.


This isn’t the first time that McCartney has released bold new imitation fabrics. In 2015, she came out with fur-free fur, but skin-free skin is an exciting and unexpected new triumph.


Stella McCartney could have used small portions of leather in hew new line, but she wanted to raise questions about the need for garments made of animals. She has become a strong voice for the removal of animal products from the fashion industry.



McCartney Looks to the Future of Her Company


The triumph of skin-free leather comes with some worries. McCartney believes it will be difficult to locate more high-end imitation fabrics in the future. It has already taken a considerable amount of time and research to produce her skin-free leather, and it may be years before she discovers the next big thing.