Girl Power: Nicole Kidman To Work With More Female Directors To Even Playing Field

She’s an A-list star at the top of her game, and Nicole Kidman wants to help other women in the business get their fair share. The Aussie beauty has now promised to work with a female director every 18 months, so she can push the envelope in gender equality, according to an item in the Huff Post Australia edition.

Kidman, 50, is an Academy Award winner who told Glamour magazine in a recent interview that she wants to spread her good fortune to other ladies trying to get ahead in the ultra-competitive entertainment industry. It’s all about “girl power” and strength in numbers.

She revealed to the women’s magazine that she helps women in several other capacities like raising money for cancer and speaking out against domestic violence. Kidman wants to extend those efforts and lend her voice to the movie arena she successfully works in. If not enough women are being offered these few select roles and jobs, then how can they build a career, the star has suggested.

“I need to be part of the movement,” the actress stated. Kidman was being featured in Glamour’s annual “Women of the Year” issue.

She has worked with female directors in the past and says that her nine-year-old daughter wants to grow up and become a movie director. Kidman wants to ensure that all women have access to the same opportunities that men do in the cut-throat entertainment industry. At the moment, the playing field still remains unleveled.

Sofia Coppola (The Beguiled), Jane Campion (Top Of The Lake, China Girl) and Rebecca Miller (She Came To Me) are three talented and successful directors Kidman has enjoyed collaborating with.