How Susan McGalla has strived to establish her Career

Studies that have been conducted recently indicate that businesses that have gender diverse staff have 15 percent higher chances of being productive than other firms. Companies that hire ethnically diverse employees are likely to make 35 percent more profits. Having a work force that is made up of different types of people provides a chance to get a variety of ideas. However, very few S&P 500 companies have offered women an opportunity to hold C-level positions.

Many women across the globe have worked hard and managed to secure executive positions in leading corporations. Susan McGalla is a respected woman who has devoted herself to empowering women to become outstanding business leaders. She always feels comfortable when in the company of both female and male workmates. McGalla used to play football with his two brothers when she was still young. Their father was the coach, and he never favored her because she was a girl. This made Susan strong and committed to working to get whatever she wants.

McGalla has strived to be appointed as one of the top executives at American Eagle Outfitters. The company was served by only male administrators when she joined it. Susan’s determination enabled her to be made president before leaving the company. She then founded P3 Executive Consulting and also works as Pittsburgh Steelers’ VP of creative development and business strategy. Susan McGalla was on the front line during the “wear what we wear” campaign that was meant to encourage fans to acquire Steeler gear. She was confident in herself, and this enabled her to rise through the ranks.

Susan McGalla has a very encouraging success story, but most women have not been offered such an opportunity to grow their careers. Women have had difficulties shuttering the glass ceiling for decades. Various groups have been established to empower women in leadership by giving them excellent ideas that can enable them to plan their businesses and also work together with their colleagues in the sector. The women empowerment initiative and networks are devoted to showing women that they have equal opportunities as men to hold executive offices in leading corporations. Susan McGalla is a case in point of a woman who has successfully established herself in the corporate world. Other top positions that she has held include being the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. and a board member of HFF Inc. and Magee-Women’s Hospital.