‘I am a woman, but that’s an add’ says Susan McGalla

Some women struggle to make it to the top of their companies while others seem to get there naturally. Such is the case with Susan McGalla, who has so far taken very many leadership positions in American Companies. Susan’s achievements are even more pronounced because she takes on leadership positions in field’s that are dominated by men. Susan credit’s her success to the upbringing. She says that she was brought up among three tough men. The most important one was her father, who was a football coach. The other two were her brothers, who never spoilt her but instead made her fight for her rights. Moreover, Susan’s parents were not soft one her because of her gender; they made her earn her rights as much as the brothers.

Although many women play it cute when they find themselves among many men, Susan plays an equal. Her early acquired skills help her fight her way up. Case in point, when Susan joined Eagle Outfitters, all the executives in the company was men. In fact, no woman had ever made it to the top of the ladder. However, that was not enough challenge for Susan; she pushed her way to the top of the company and by the time she left she was the company president.

Susan’s other significant achievements are her ability to found and chair the board of P3 Executive Consulting, which is a company that has attracted many shareholders over the years. Her exceptional leadership qualities also make people naturally follow her lead.

Currently, Susan works in the steel industry, which is labeled a man’s domain. That has not stopped her from being appointed to executive positions as the vice president of business strategy and creative development for Pittsburgh Steelers. She actively participates in campaigns and makes her voice heard in the industry.

In Susan’s firm P3 Consulting, she serves as an executive consultant, advising clients on marketing, branding, and talent management. Moreover, Susan tells her clients on how to have operational efficiency within their organizations. She also gives her views on how one ought to get ahead as a woman in a male-dominated world.