IDLife: Providing Customized Health Plans

IDLife is a wellness and health company that provides its customers with customized nutrition. IDLife recognizes that no two individuals are the same. Therefore, every single person has their own distinctive nutritional requirements. IDLife’s mission is to provide all its customers with high programs and products that enable them to live healthy lives. New customers can get started with the IDLife Experience by visiting IDLife’s website and filling a free and confidential health assessment form. The customer’s answers are then used to create a report that provides them with scientific recommendations and their own custom vitamin program.

IDLife’s customers are assured that the products and recommendations are based on peer reviewed studies and research. IDLife is led by a team that has deep experience in the health and wellness industry. The CEO is Logan Stout, a former professional athlete who played 17 times in the World Series as a player or coach. The president is Laura Brandt who has led numerous successful companies in the health industry.

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IDLife sells its products using a network marketing approach. Customers start by filling a HIPAA Compliant form on IDLife’s website. The website is secured an all the information given by potential customers is kept private. The questionnaire asks questions in the following categories: dietary, personal, lifestyle, medical, medications and physical. This assessment is necessary as everyone’s body chemistry and unique. IDLife recommends that all individuals check with their primary care physicians before using any of their products. All products offered by IDLife come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. IDLife can offer this guarantee because they are sure that their products comply with the highest health standards.

IDLife provides various products that take care of different parts of the human body. First there is IDLife Skin Care that provides individuals with 24 hour defense against aging mechanisms. Next there is IDLife Kids which helps children achieve optimal health. The third product is IDLife EnergyShot which assists one with an extra dose of energy without leaving the crash and burn effect of energy drinks. Finally there is ID Nutrition. ID Nutrition is based on a customer’s unique report. ID Nutrition helps one to meet their health needs. Interested readers can go to to view additional products and undertake the questionnaire.

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