Jim Tananbaum’s Review of Mindstrong Health’s $14 Million Investment

Jim Tananbaum is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital Management since 2010, but he wasn’t always working for that company in particular. He used to work for Prospect Venture Partners being the co-founder of the company.

Jim Tananbaum has lots of knowledge in the financial field, being an expert in investments, assets management, and specialist in equity and funding, as well as the newest modern investment models in the ever-changing financial market of the U.S.

While being the CEO of Foresite Capital Management, the businessman, and financial expert reviewed the recent announcement of Mindstrong Health about the team raising $14 million as funding to support neuropsychiatric treatments and therapies.

According to the INC42 Midas awardee, Mindstrong Health is providing a lot of support in an efficient way to medicine and is furthering what the healthcare department is able to provide to patients that really need the treatments. It is not only about furthering science’s horizons, but the team is using their funding capital to ensure that the United States can further their research beyond the expensive barriers of neuropsychiatric treatments.

For anyone who is not familiar with Mindstrong’s way of operating, they have a platform that is operated by artificial intelligence of high quality and allows the staff of the company to measure how the brain of the patients is functioning in real time.

This incredible high-technological method of monitoring Mindstrong Health’s patients has allowed them to skyrocket among other healthcare companies in the same field and provide comprehensive research data to improve medicine’s understanding of the neuropathies and the effects of certain diseases in them.

According to Jim Tananbaum’s statement on Ideamensch, who is a sympathizer of the enterprise’s methods to monitor patients, the experience of the specialists involved in the development of this technology has allowed a modern device to revolutionize the way that healthcare services can be provided simply.

With the $14 million of investment that Mindstrong Health has provided to allow this technology to improve their healthcare services, now, doctors who work for the company will be able to process functions like responsive speed, the patient’s attention and other cognitive functions that were not measured objectively before this new platform.

Starting this June, 2017, Mindstrong Health will be drastically improving what medicine can achieve with high technology.
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