Kate Hudson and Fabletics Taking a Slice of the Fashion Market

It can be especially difficult to make a splash in the highly competitive Fashion market today. There have been many successful startups that are laid to waste in the wake of the larger online markets. Amazon alone accounts for a considerable fraction of all online sales. All the odds seem to favor the bigger and more established enterprises.


Nevertheless, there is evidence that small operations guided by innovation and versatility can actually gain the upper hand on the lumbering organizations dominating the online market.


Fabletics is one such example; the small enterprise was started by Kate Hudson and introduced a whole new game plan to engage this difficult market. Despite the insurmountable odds, Kate Hudson and her small operations have grown to a net-worth surpassing $250 Million. The most surprising thing is that all this was accomplished in only 3 years from the company’s founding.


Key Components of Fabletics Success


There have been a few ingredients in Kate Hudson’s recipe for success that have proffered no end of advantages for the budding sports wear store. Versatility has allowed for a whole new approach to the process of gaining a loyal and enthusiastic customer base, while innovative techniques have steered them away from some of the most detrimental industry obstacles.


The online consumer today is up against a wall of high-prices for good quality garments with superior fashion design. Fabletics has removed this notion by churning out attractive designs and styles for all body types and at prices easily accessible to the general public.


But it is not just quality, styles and cost-effective solutions that are offered by the innovative corporation, customers are also introduced to a customer experience like no other. Fabletics is creating a online consumer experience that leads the way and is sure to be emulated by more and more corporations as we enter the future.


Fabletics and “Reverse Showrooming”


One of the biggest obstacles to profitability online is the showroom. The wise consumer can take a few terrific ideas found in a high-end showroom and then have the clever design replicated by a skilled tailor, many can even do this for themselves at a greatly reduced cost.


Once again clever thinking and intuitive design allows Fabletics to prevaricate this trend and attain greater profitability. Fabletics gains its customer pool individually and members are treated like friends. The showroom is available to members who can select their preferred garments and obtain them at reduced prices. If they were to find a style in another showroom that they like, they will find the same design offered from Fabletics at a greatly reduced cost.


Specialized Customer Service


In addition to the versatility in their showroom, Fabletics seeks to standout from the fashion markets around them by developing a keen interest in the individual. The Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz allows the corporation to learn more about the lives and goals of their dear customers so as to help them in their effort.


According to expert marketers the world over, the best clients are the ones that consider themselves a part of greater alliance toward their purposes. These are the ones that will bring repeat business, and tell their friends and relatives about the options as well.