Kate Hudson has embraced client reviews as a marketing strategy for Fabletics

Today’s demand for a product or service is solely determined by the type of the reviews that are given by consumers. A good review and number of reviews mean your product is doing well and vice versa. Brands with the will to stay in a competitive market and are knowledgeable have realized this trend and are now focused on marketing strategies that focus on reviews. Fabletics is a good example of the brands that are using this marketing strategy. Fabletics was founded in 2013 and has grown at a fast rate and is currently at the 235 million mark worth of revenue. Shawn Gold, the marketing officer for Corporates at Fabletics, has acknowledged the success and attributed it to the use of reviews from users and the crowd as a whole for marketing.


Customers reviewing the use of a product creates brand loyalty and customer relationships. Potential clients trust the reviews of other users even when they are not directly related or in contact with them. This enhances a crowd-sourced decision for a purchase. Over the years, research has been carried out and it has been found that 60 percent of users have refused to purchase a product or service due to negative reviews. This has clearly shown that reputation and what the users of a particular brand think are important marketing strategies that have major impacts on sales.


Positive reviews also increase the ranking of the product on online searches. This means that a product is given higher priority if it has many positive reviews. Fabletics are extremely involved with their customers, they gather, respond and manage their customer’s reviews. They use their customer reviews to improve their products and acquire new clients. On Trustpilot, which is among the largest sites for reviews globally, they have about thirty thousand reviews and an average rating of 8.2 on TrustScore. This has earned them a constant increase in sales, the majority of the sales come from repeat clients and referrals.


Fabletics recently joined hands with Demi Lovato, a pop superstar. Demi loves the Fabletics clothes and what they stand for, women empowerment and inspiration. Fabletics is focused on making women feel at their best without focusing on their age, size or shape. The LifeStyle Quiz is an important step in finding your perfect Fabletic gear and join the other women being empowered by this gear. Kate Hudson, an actor, is one of the founders of Fabletics. It was formed after the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group saw a need to create a quality athleisure brand. They partnered with Kate Hudson, an easy lady who is very active and approachable, and started Fabletics.


Kate Hudson was and is continuously very involved in the review of budgets, advising on strategies to use social media to market the brand and designing processes. Kate is an excellent brand face for Fabletics as she brings out the true nature of the Fabletics gear using her own lifestyle. It is easy to imagine her in the clothes as she is well known for her active lifestyle. She spearheaded the communication and upgrading of the Fabletics customer service to cater to client complaints. This department improved enormously in less than 2 years and led to a better rating and score from Better Business Bureau, BBB.

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