Kim and Kylie Go Head To Head In Makeup Wars: KKW Sits At Forbes Women’s Summit

When it comes to competition, even when dealing with family members, business is business.


Apparently, it’s Kardashian versus Jenner as famous reality TV star Kim goes against little sister Kylie’s already booming makeup company with her own new brand.


Kim enjoys a huge social media presence on Instagram with more than 101 million fans and has just announced plans for a solo makeup collection launch on June 21st. Kim Kardashian West fans went crazy-excited having learned that the brand would be called KKW Beauty.


The dark-haired mom-of-two was featured at the Forbes Women’s Summit in New York City on Tuesday. It was there that the media caught up with the global personality and asked her various questions.


Kim told ETonline about her cosmetics venture, saying that her makeup debut will include a contour kit with brushes and the all-important highlighter. Kim’s professional makeup artists always define the star’s bone structure with expert contouring and highlighting.


When it comes to being an icon to women around the world, Kim’s advice is to jump in without fear, and that’s how she has created the opportunities that have come her way. If you fail, you will learn from it and move on to better things, she suggests.


Kylie Jenner, 19, has achieved incredible success with her own Lip Kits from her Kylie Cosmetics brand, amassing $41 million from the lipstick venture alone. Kylie also sells blushes, eye shadow kits, highlighting kits, etc.


Some Kylie fans are upset with Kim, saying that Mrs. Kardashian West is trying to steal Kylie’s thunder with an already famous brand. Kylie has made no comment and neither has Kim. In fact, both look-alike sisters share a side by side photo at Kylie’s shopping website featuring blush.


Meantime, Kim Kardashian West is excited about her new cosmetics venture, saying she loves the business side of it all, crediting her mom Kris Jenner and late dad Attorney Robert Kardashian for her entrepreneurial side.