Marc Sparks Continues to Ride the Wave of Success in the World of Business

Marc Sparks is a Dallas, Texas based businessman, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He maintains a portfolio of companies with one being Timber Creek Capital, LP. Sparks has successfully built and operated several companies. He has worked in the telecommunications business, business solutions, venture investing and real estate.


Mr. Sparks is a high school graduate and with little formal training, he took a run at the world of business. He has no fear of failing and has found he has a passion for building companies. Passion, he discovered, is the best teacher and that has allowed him to take on ideas that others claimed would never work and turned them into a success story. After many years as a businessman and entrepreneur, he sat down and wrote his story. In his book, he offers the good, the bad and the ugly. His story is not meant to show off his success, but the fact that anyone with perseverance, dedication and passion for something can be a success. He tells of his failures, as well as the successes and offers that his failures will always be the best teacher.


Sparks find being rich means great health for him and his family, good friends and building a successful business from the ground up. As much as he likes to win, and he does like to win, he also realizes he cannot win all the time. Even when he had nothing and considered himself poor, he was excited about life and had passion for what the future would bring.


Marc Sparks credits an outrageous sense of urgency, being monetization savvy, focus, tenacity, passion and faith as a great deal of the equation that often leads him to success. Add into the equation respect for others, being honest in everything undertaken and treating others as the desire to be treated is. This philosophy has become the foundation of his personal and business life.


Sparks is also very philanthropic. He focuses his efforts in the Dallas, Texas area and finds it heartwarming and rewarding to give back to his community. He enjoys a great deal of success and wants to help others find a better way in life. It is important to Sparks that everyone has the opportunity to build better quality of life. He has been involved with a homeless shelter, called Samaritan Inn since the 1980’s and has helped build take the home from a small facility to a facility that serves hundreds of meals every day and offers clients a variety of services that will assist them getting back on their feet. Learn more here: