Maria Raco Combines Style and Function as CEO of NewWall

Maria Raco has spent her entire career orchestrating the acquisition, distribution, and sales operations for some of the most successful clothing companies such as Kenneth Cole, Diesel, French Connection, and Kangol. She combined her ten year talent of discovering trends and her design interior skills to create “NewWall”, offering interior innovations to residential and business establishments. Laura Emily Dunn, of the Huffington Post, had a chance to sit down with Ms. Raco and discuss what motivates and inspires her as well as her plans for the future of her company (


Ms. Raco attributes her leadership ability to the diversity of places and cultures of which she’s been immersed in the past. Staring life in so many new cities helped her have life experiences that gave her the confidence to take risks while keeping empathy for those who are starting out. She also attributes her success to her past experiences with import/export distribution where she gained a great understanding of logistics.


Raco states that one of the biggest hurdles for her to leap when starting NewWall was the fact that she was working alone without any outside financing. And although she had an eye for design, she knew nothing about the interior design industry. Raco acknowledges the fact that working with internationally recognized names in the design industry gave her a foot up with consumers. Since the inception of NewWall, Raco has strived to grow her design team and establish good relationships with reputable corporations.


Raco feels that it is important to keep yourself updated on industry innovations and not be afraid to research and learn things about which you are not familiar. She has never been afraid to ask questions, regardless of how they may be seem to others. Raco feels that, as a business owner, it is important to never take rejections personally and adds that, while in the process of selling to a client, the ultimate decision will be out of your hands.