Market America Miami: Celebration of a New Digitalized Shopping Era The event

From February 9th to 11th this year more than 25,000 entrepreneurs converged in American Airlines Arena in Miami for Market America/SHOP.COM 2017 world conference. The event was organized by the company to showcase various updates for the company. Most important update for the Market America Miami event was details into the shopping annuity program for the company which explained to entrepreneurs and consumers on how they could convert their spending into earnings.


The program rewards shopping customers who shift their everyday shopping products purchases to SHOP.COM. Using cutting edge technology SHOP.COM comparers shop engines and finds the best prices for these products for the consumers. Consumers are able to earn 50% or more of their cash back on qualifying products.


Through the company’s unfranchised business model the company’s CEO JR Ridinger during the Market America Miami event that the company has seen great growth and success. The company’s program of shopping Annuity, has enabled the model to grow and the business to thrive.


The highlights at the event

In attendance at Market America Miami were executives of Market America/ SHOP.COM, invited celebrities and global successful entrepreneurs. During the event CEO JR emphasized how the program is able to generate substantial income for shoppers over a long period of time creating wealth for shoppers and growth for the company.


The newest feature of the SHOP.COM site were also explained in detail by Marc Ashley the Market America/SHOP.COM president. Such features include SHOP Buddy the new shop assistants on the site and the SHOP Local Program. The SHOP.COM Local Program enables SHOP.COM customers to be rewarded from their offline spending such as when they eat in restaurants, use dry cleaning services and spend in auto repair shops. Other entrepreneurs and guest celebrities were also able to launch their new products offered on SHOP.COM.

The Market America Miami event was truly a celebration of a new revolution in digital shopping.