New Recycling Facility Continues The Upward Trajectory Of orange Coast College

Upon opening its doors to students in 1948, Orange Coast College embarked upon a set of goals including the need to develop a stronger community directly linked to the work of the academic institution. Although Orange Coast College has built a strong reputation for the quality of education offered to students in Southern California the school has also looked to assist the local community in living in an impressive way; the latest addition to this tradition of community success is the redesigned and upgraded recycling facility opened on campus with the financial aid of public funds and CR&R Environmental Services.


The opening of the recycling facility on a five-acre site has been developed to allow the residents of the Costa Mesa region to expand upon the recycling options made available by the college for more than four decades. The evolving nature of recycling services being offered across the planet led to the decision to upgrade the recycling facilities at Orange Coast College as the academic institution has become a leader in the provision of services prior to the upgraded facilities being opened.


The development of recycling services at Orange Coast College has been made possible by a local government sponsored bond developed under the “Measure M” program permitting new programs to be added to three colleges across Southern California. CR&R Environmental Services provides recycling and waste disposal services for more than four million Californian homes and hopes the linkup with Orange Coast College will allow a greater level of education and support to be developed for customers in Southern California who are looking for ways of disposing of their reusable waste. Learn more:


Developments have been taking place across the Orange Coast College campus throughout the 21st-century including the construction of a new library to provide a more fulfilling experience to students opened in January 2008. Other departments of the college have benefitted from remodeled and newly constructed buildings such as the math and science departments of Orange Coast College. Learn more: