OneLogin: Helping Manufacturers Increase Productivity through Cloud Technologies

Reasons why Manufacturers are turning to Cloud-Based IAM

Technology has allowed manufacturers to maximize productivity. That is why organizations are opting for cloud technologies because it enables them to have a higher success rate. Another reason many manufacturers prefer this technology instead of the on-premises identity management system is because of the increased security cloud technologies offer. Cloud technologies also improve the supply chain which is vital for any organization.

However, several manufacturers still believe in the on-premises systems. The system has been in use for many years, but it may not be as efficient as it was years ago. It presents some challenges as discussed below.

  • Manufacturers handle sensitive data. This data should be kept safe at all time. However, the Data Breach Investigation reports indicate that out of all industries in the market; manufacturers are more prone to attacks.
  • Another challenge presented is the high cost of production. Using the on-premises identity management system can cost the manufacturer a lot of money, and the system is also a bit slow.
  • By using the traditional identity management system, manufacturers are bound to lose competitive advantage.

However, manufacturers can opt for the cloud-based IAM solution which can help address all these challenges. Through OneLogin identity and access management, manufacturers can have access to more than 5,000 apps such as the Oracle, G Suite and Office 365 which OneLogin integrates into the real-time active directory. OneLogin provides a centralized sign-on portal that allows a faster retrieval of information. The sign-on portal has one secure password. Therefore, the manufacturer does not have to worry about forgotten passwords. The HR and IT systems are integrated making it easier to govern the employee portal.

About OneLogin

OneLogin helps companies secure their data. The company is a leader in identity management and single sign-on vendor in the market. The enterprise has helped manufacturers increase their efficiency in IT and employee management. The company has had the pleasure of working with millions of businesses worldwide. Corporations using OneLogin’s Identity management solutions do not have to worry about taking days to implement the system. It is only a matter of hours.