Onelogin’s Partnership with Envoy Takes Identity Management to a Greater Level

Envoy, a San Francisco based software-solutions company, has adopted an automated visitor and employee identity management software for its customers. This has been born out of its business partnership with Onelogin. Envoy has since developed several software that support visitor registration process including digital visitor sign-in, visitor badges and host notification solutions just to mention a few.

Managing employee and visitor movement has now become easy; thanks to the new innovation that has eliminated the need for traditional data management approaches. System for Cross-domain Identity Management, popularly known as SCIM, is perfect technology across the global business world. It works well for low, medium and large business enterprises.

How SCIM software works

The software allows Envoy customers to automatically perform identity management of both employees and visitors by filling in names, email, and office location from their Onelogin to Envoy directory. The auto-synchronization process allows for continuous update of such information in the company’s system.

Envoy management believes that SCIM has enabled their company to scale. Through a consistent format of user data, they company’s customers are now able to create an enhanced visitor experience. The firm has reiterated that working with Onelogin was a perfect idea since they both share the same vision. Onelogin’s clear API documentation and timely partner support sailed the integration process.

Onelogin as a company has also expressed their thrill to continue working with Envoy in order to take SCIM to greater heights.

Onelogin Inc.

It is a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) company based in San Francisco, CA. The private company was co-founded by Thomas and Christian Pedersen in 2009. Onelogin creates and sells IAM solutions to businesses and several other organizations globally. Its primary goal is to use IAM software to increase end user productivity through a single log-in technology platform commonly referred to as SSO.

The company has since created several software solutions including SSO, cloud directory, user provisioning, virtual LDAP, and multi-factor authentication among many others. Onelogin has a huge customer base and has earned numerous awards and recognitions due to its quality technology deliverables. The company has made significant contributions in the world’s business industry.