Powerful Women Top Forbes’ 60 Most Successful Self-Made Women

Forbes’ released its third annual list of America’s 60 most successful self-made women. This interesting collection of women has made their money in everything from makeup and fashion to finance and food. Passion, vision, and the intelligence to market themselves and/or their products has catapulted these women into the limelight. Some have been on the list every year while others are newly arriving.

Taylor Swift appears on the list again this year and remains the youngest woman there. Her savvy business sense and ability to connect with her fans has propelled her fortune to $280 million. She’s not at the top of the list but, at the age of twenty-eight, she’s sure to keep climbing if she keeps putting her good sense and talent to use.

An impressive newcomer is Jessica Iclisoy who tied for No. 59. She is the owner of California Baby, which she started in 1995. California Baby produces nontoxic, organic baby products that are sold nationwide. She’s managed to keep total control of her company, which is saying something in the up and down economy of the last ten years. A large part of her success comes from the very fact that she has over seen every part of the business. Owning her own manufacturing facility and going so far as to grow some of the ingredients for her products on her own farm certainly contributes to high product quality.

Who is No. 1 this year? Co-founder of Little Caesars Pizza, Marian Iltich. Her husband passed away and his share of the fortune passed into her name. However, her own success cannot be downplayed. Her own business ventures include holdings in the Detroit Red Wings and the MotorCity Casino Hotel. A diverse portfolio makes her a powerhouse that will not be easily dethroned from the top spot.

No list of wealthy women would be complete without Oprah Winfrey. Coming in at No. 3, she is spreading her wings this year by going back to her roots. She’s scheduled to be a contributor for 60 minutes this fall. It will be interesting to see how her journalistic skills have grown and if this latest venture will add to her growing fortune.

While Forbes’ likes to note who has fallen off the list and who has moved down, over all everyone that’s been on the list before is still making money and forging new roads for women in the business world.