Samuel Strauch The Real Estate Solution In Miami, Florida

Real estate development has been a lucrative venture over the years, it is expected to be better for it has grown over the years. With the rise in preference for quality modern homes and houses the sectoris headed in the right direction. Samuel Strauch the renowned realtor has seen opportunity in the field and has found it easy to deliver the best to his many clients.


Coming from a family with a real estate background, Strauch developed interest in the business after he joined his family’s company after which he began his own company ‘Metrik Real Estate’. He has dedicated himself to sourcing, acquiring, developing and managing property that satisfies his clients’ needs. Samuel Strauch thought of the connections he made on his travels as possible clients due to diversity in culture and general preference. He also has a focused team that always does research on the upcoming trends for he understands his passion and views his job as a social responsibility.

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Samuel Strauch attended the prestigious Harvard and Erasmus university. He later ventured into the banking industry where he perfected his skills in finance as he dealt with mortgage loans. Strauch believes that technology brings on a new era of real estate and he uses this a lot for he delivers modern digitalized property that suits the taste of young and old alike. His finance and banking background comes in handy when it comes to ensuring the clients needs are met regardless of difference in price value. Metrik Real Estate looks into the future with much enthusiasm because the team is always up to date no mater the time or location.

Strauch understands the benefits of working hard in the industry. That is why he is always offering valid advice when it comes to handling real estate ventures. Strauch is well versed with the real estate industry and the development of businesses across this industry. He has been on the lead of ensuring that businesses flourish all through. He is always a leader when it comes to predicting the future of real estate. Strauch is sure that the future holds a lot for real estate. He is always helpful to clients especially when addressing key issues.


Samuel is well known for his investment skills in real estate investment. He has been a source of inspiration for many investors. With his skills, an investor can learn the ropes of developing in the real estate industry.