Susan McGalla: An Executive with Strong Vision and an Inspiring Leader for Women

Susan McGalla is a unique personality who cannot be defined in a single word considering the various roles and responsibilities she took. She is an entrepreneur, executive consultant, an inspiring leader for women, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and more. McGalla was making a humble start in her career, and with her hard work and determination, she redefined success in her path. She is currently working with The Pittsburgh Steelers as its Vice President with responsibilities of Creative Development and Business Strategy.

McGalla is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, a leading advisory services firm in financial and capital markets with both sell-side and buy-side analysis services. The company provides comprehensive consulting services for various clients both in specialty retail industry and other core industries. It also offers expert advisory services in marketing, branding, talent management, Omni -channel execution and product merchandising to strategy, and P&L / operational efficiencies.

Susan McGalla is an inspiration for many women who wanted to display their capabilities to the financial and retail world. She often expresses her opinion on how to succeed in business as a woman and shares her experiences. McGalla spoke in many stages including Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series, and more. She says that her parents encouraged her to chase the dreams from childhood and taught her to express ideas with greater confidence irrespective of the audience type. Due to that, McGalla is equally comfortable to work with both men and women, and she excels in both the cases.

Susan started her career in 1986 with Joseph Horne Company, a department store network. She took various roles and responsibilities from marketing to managerial positions. In 1994, McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters, a leading clothing retailer, and became its Chief Merchandising Officer and President with proven results. As the President of the firm, she helped it to launch 77kids and aerie brands. McGalla left the company in 2009 and started working as an independent consultant to the retail industry. In 2011, she returned to the executive role and began working with Wet Seal, a retail network offering fashion apparel, accessories, and footwear for young women, as its Chief Executive Officer, before founding P3 Executive Consulting.

McGalla completed her Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing from Mount Union College, before starting high-flying career. She was appointed to the Director Board of HFF in 2009; it is commercial real estate servicing firm. McGalla also serves on the advisory boards of Mount Union College, the college where she completed graduation.