The Biodiversity Conservation and Destination company, Wild Arc Travellers

How would the world be without the wild animals and the diverse nature having all plants and trees? It would look ugly and boring, and therefore there is the need for us to conserve these diverse biodiversities. People need to be inspired and told about the importance of reconnecting with Mother Nature. Wild Arc is an organization that wishes to accomplish all these needs for the people to appreciate earth. We need to be happy and confident that there is change and especially regarding the O-zone layer recovery.


Wild Arc was formed with a motive of conserving the green belts in the world. The rich biodiversity of wildlife needs to be kept intact. People will need to reconnect again to ensure that they know that it is important to conserve it. It will inspire them to preserve nature. The co-founders of the company were Mark and Sophie Hutchinson who understands the problems that life is facing. They are working to conserve the environment and would like people to travel to appreciate it.


As Wid Arc, there are some destinations that we recommend travelers to go to, and they are;


  1. The Republic of Palau. This small country has a lot of islands and is in the Pacific Ocean. The nation is encouraged to conserve the environment. They have 500 miles of reef and fishing is illegal, and the endangered species has now re-emerged.


  1. Costa Rica. The tropical country has good tourists who know the meaning of the natural world. Some eco-lodges are graded as being environmentally conscious. Food is direct from the farms and has guides who are experts in sustainable tourism.


  1. Lithuania. They have a green tourism policy that is based on the UN SDG, and they have sustainable tourism. They like the natural beauty of the spaces and is environmentally conscious in every aspect.


  1. Kenya. The savannah grass is as natural as it should be and there has been no interference from the people. The people are educated on the importance of keeping the environment intact. The coastline has beaches with virgin white sands and coral reefs. Lodges are also based on environmental policies. Learn more: