The History Of An Ancient War Machine Known As The Trabuco

This weapon dates back to the middle ages. It was made for the purpose of crushing enemy walls down during wars. The name Trabuco is also used to refer to some high caliber, old revolvers, and short guns.

China is the origin of this ancient war machine, trabuco. At around 600AD, the Trabuco saw its way to Europe. People across Europe used it for many years conquering their enemies only to abandon it after the invention of gunpowder.

The working mechanism of the Trabuco

This ancient weapon worked by converting the string’s potential energy to kinetic energy. However, the system was not entirely efficient due to loss of some potential energy through friction and heat within. As technology evolved according to, so did the Trabuco’s working mechanism, which brought about evolved and better types of the war machine.

The tensile Trabuco

This was one of the first types of the war machine to be created. This machine was so big that around two hundred and fifty people would be needed to pull its lever. The weapon also had an advantage in that it was efficient and powerful since it could project four shots per minute. But due to its huge size and the difficulty faced in controlling the large group of operators, the weapon was only used up to the eleventh century then it was abandoned.

The hybrid Trabuco

The tensile Trabuco was taken by Arabs, and they modified it. It was still made to resemble the tensile Trabuco, but some modifications were made on its design. It was made in such a way that people were not needed to pull down for it to operate. The Europeans saw the design and were impressed. They borrowed its design and made few modifications to the design made by the Arabs. The design on was much better since it was more accurate and it was gladly accepted and used. By the 13th century, the hybrid Trabuco was so much advanced in that it could hurl stones to very long distances.

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