The Medical Expertise of Dr. Imran Haque

Imran Haque is the head of Horizon Internal Medicine. He is a well-known doctor who resides in North Carolina. Imran has an excellent status in being a medical doctor and especially through his services such as diabetes management, laser hair removal, venus body contouring, 360 resurfacing and weight management. Imran Haque pursued a degree from Universidad Iberoamericana in medicine, the university is found in Santiago. He got his license for medical practicing after completing a medicine course at the University of Virginia. Soon after his graduation, he served as an intern at Horizon Internal Medicine.

Dr.Haque has been in the medical industry for more than 10 years. This in return helped him to have so much experience in directing physical analysis and being able to treat a number of ailments. His medical services are found in medical institutions such as Hugh Chatham, Alamance Regional Medical Center, Randolph Hospital, Kindred Hospital and Kindred Greensboro. Being able to spare most of his time attending to patients helps him to have the right diagnosis to treat a number of diseases. His success has enabled him to open new health facilities at Ramseur and Asheboro in North Carolina, his success is due to the good services he gives to his patients.

He is a qualified physician who conducts his employment by choosing excellent experts in the medical field who offers treatment of ailments and diagnosis services. His major interest is offering worthy healthcare services, as a result, he was able to prepare the best health amenities that have excellent equipment to be able to attend to the people of North Carolina. His hard work in the medical industry paid off by him being awarded by the medical body due to his service to the sick people. The medical doctor provides the best services that are based on patients thus in return they feel much better. His procedure for handling weight treatment includes lifestyle change techniques, medical treatment, and cosmetic measures. The up-to-date apparatus at Horizon Internal medicine avoid the habit of sick people being taken to other hospitals. Dr.Imran has succeeded in ensuring that Horizon Internal Medicine is at the top of private medical institutions.