Theresa May Forced To Apologize To Fellow Party Members

It has been a month of numerous headlines coming out of the United Kingdom and now there are even more following a general election held yesterday (June 8th, 2017). This election which was called by Prime Minister Theresa May featured the surprise result that she lost her majority in the House of Commons and also lost a number of Conservative seats as a result as well. Now she is attempting to cobble together just enough support to keep herself in power, but it is not without controversy.


The Guardian reports that some Conservative MPs who lost their seats in this last election have taken a very angry tone with Mrs. May. They say it was her fault for calling this election and for putting them in a spot whereby they were defeated.


The Prime Minister has taken a certain tone that tries to show that she is in fact sorry for what happened to those members and sorry that she called the election at all. It could be that she really is sorry about those things, but it is certainly also true that it is a good time to speak in that manner because there are a number of members of parliament who are not pleased in the slightest about the developments this election produced.


It is difficult to handle right now because they lost their seats because of an election she called but she gets to remain in power as Prime Minister. That is quite the result indeed!


Theresa May has had her critics in the past, but now their voices are sure to be elevated. She was once seen as the grown up in the room and as a person who could withstand almost anything. Now, she is seen by some as having made a terrible political decision that was so clearly supposed to benefit her own party but instead blew up in her face. This could mean that she may not remain on as Prime Minister for much longer. Then again, no one knows what twists and turns this saga might take.