US Money Reserve Forms a Partnership with Austin Disaster Relief Network

]Two organizations, the US money Reserve and Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN), have formed a partnership to help survivors of Hurricane Harvey recover. The services that US money reserve plans to give include the spiritual and emotional care, financial assistance and emergency transportation. Read more: US Money Reserve | Built In Austin and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

It also plans to organize for a relief fund from donations where the whole amount will be given to ADRN, a non-profit making company, to meet some of the survivors’ immediate needs.

According to the money reserve report, their employees and customers were affected after the hurricane swept part of the Texas Gulf Coast. The company founded in Austin, Texas, has its headquarters still located in that city but has offices in other cities too, that is, Beaumont and Lumberton.

The partnership with Austin Disaster Relief Network will give the reserve a chance to give back to the community which wholeheartedly welcomed them in their city and supported them in the days of its infancy. Everyone in the country is welcome to help the Money Reserve raise funds for donation.

The Road to Recovery

The state of Texas is ready to move forward and help in the rebuilding of both their cities and local communities surrounding them.

According to the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, recovering will consume time and costly, he estimated that it would cost about 180 billion dollars.

Though most costs are to be covered by federal aid, more help from donors will be required. Austin Disaster Relief Network is among the many nonprofit making organizations that have decided to help the survivors.

ADRN major roles are assisting locals to rebuild their homes and give immediate emergency needs; it does this through collecting essential items such as cleaning materials and food and distribute them to those who need it.

What you Need to Know About U.S. Money Reserve

US Money reserve, founded in 2001 and headed by Mint, is the largest distributor of government-issued precious metals, such as gold, legal-tender products. The sole purpose of establishing this company was giving guidance to customers on how they can purchase precious metals.

Due to the best practices of this company of over 15 years, its customers have grown to 400,000. Many customers have been satisfied by the advice given by U.S, and due to wise purchase, most of these customers have made profits.

Many people have been helped by the Money Reserve staff on issues related to coin research, numismatics and how to find the best products for sale on the market. The Business Consumer Alliance has acknowledged the practices of this company giving it a rating of “AAA” rating. Its head, former U.S. Mint “AAA,” has been known for many years as an expert in the precious metal field.

Those individuals who have been stricken by Hurricane Harvey have something positive to say about this partnership; it has helped the victims recovered from this devastating event.

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