What Fashion Colors Are Out and Which are In?

The very popular color, “millennial or flamingo pink”, which has been super popular, has peaked and is now on its way out as those in charge of the fashion predictions are moving on to new ideas. The “taste makers” who predict fashion and colors are expecting red, sky blue, and yellow to be the next shades coming into the fashion world. Now it is expected to be all about the basic shades of red, yellow and blue.


Jane Monnington Boddy, who is the color director of WGSN, the trend forecasting agency, had reported pink’s resurgence back in 2011, says that it hit its peak in the year 2016, and that it is now on the decline. Boddy, who professionally lives in the future and is a renowned trend forecaster and designer, released her personal guide for the spring/summer fashions of 2019. She says that those predicted primary colors above will be cheerful, pretty, fashionable, playful and “feel good” colors, and will be huge when they go mainstream.


Boddy noted that yellow, for an example, has been major in many of the recent high-profile fashion events with the omelette yellow gown worn by Rihanna at the Met Ball, the recent pre-fall collection by Celine that featured yellow on yellow, the cruise show by Gucci with its carpet of marigold yellow, and other interesting uses of the vibrant sunny color.


Boddy’s other options for 2019 will include avocado green and lilac, the latter taking the place of pink. Lilac has been creeping in already and is many people’s favorite color. She also sees a shift towards “color with a purpose,” as people use color to express themselves or as a way to calm themselves down. Colors have meanings and can be comforting, convey trust, be filled with optimism, and have other specific connotations.